Tips for Booking Executive Accommodation

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Tips for Booking Executive Accommodation

If you work in a sector where travel is important you might recognise the situation when one of the executives says to you that they need to be in a major city such as Birmingham for example for a business meeting later that week. You’ve got a few days and the clock is ticking. What do you need to do? We do have a few tips to help you find the right Serviced Apartment Birmingham way.

  • Check out the companies’ policy on travel arrangements. If there isn’t one here’s your chance to make a name for yourself and set one up! If there is one make sure you review it thoroughly so that you are in budget and the parameters that the company has. This will help you to sort out who is going where, what kind of accommodation they will need and, crucially how they are getting there and where they will sit. This is something that people generally have very strong feelings If your executive is going to be attending an event held at a conference centre you will want to give them time to get to the conference as well as time to get to their accommodation, so this needs to be factored into any travel tickets that you arrange.
  • Build up a record of where people stay and generally go to. When there are common patterns you can start to create a relationship with local accommodation that, if it’s regular could lead to some mutually beneficial understandings. This will allow you to book accommodation in a timely manner and with greater ease.
  • Make sure you pay for everything up front and confirm it. Paying for items when you get there and then claiming them back can be a massive hassle unless they have access to a company credit card that the expenditure can be put on.

  • Get the travel details right. Find out exactly where they are going and then start looking for bookings. Don’t leave it to the last minute, unless of course they have to travel at short notice. You will also want to think about any extras that they may need such as food and access to wi-fi.
  • Finally, when you’ve got the details in place make sure they know where they are travelling to, what time check in and check out is and how far away from the meeting location it is. Forewarned is certainly forearmed.

There are many other factors to consider when booking accommodation for others in your business but these tips will help you get started.


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